October 13-14 2017 @ GMP

A 24-hour hackathon to discover and share something new about Vermont.

Check out what was discovered!



HackVT 2017 Winners!

1st Place - Hackers From the NEK

APP Name - Cow Talk

2nd Place - Mind Control

App name - Popup history

3rd Place - Team TBD

App name - What's Next?

Student Prize - UVM CS Crew

App name - Fish VErmont



HackVT 2017 Team Presentations


Thank you to all the teams that participated in HackVT 2017! This year's apps were amazing and showcased the talent and creativity that thrives in our hacker community. Please check out all the presentations here.

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  • I liked hanging out with other geeks and getting a chance to do some totally creative work for a good cause.
  • I liked the availability of food and the people hosting were extremely nice and helpful as well as providing plenty of cool things for a low cost of registration.
  • "It’s a great experience and a lot of fun to challenge yourself to code for 24hrs straight.
  • Great to see a strong cross section of the programming community.
  • Loved the food, the swag, the organization and volunteers! Very well-organized and so impressive!
  • The food was incredible! More raffle prizes would be great, but not required. An increase in the data available (types, amount, format, etc.) would be great as well.