HACK Education.

Hack · verb · / hak /
To modify in a skillful or clever way

Education · noun · / ejǝ’kāSH(ǝ)n /
The knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process
An instructive or enlightening experience

In our sixth year of HackVT, we’re still bringing together friends and strangers to build killer apps. This time, we’re getting to the root of the matter: Education.

Wondering what’s happening in the education world these days?

Oh, you know. Just the usual.

America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks is now teaching at Stanford. The Department of Education is still working to convince people that corporal punishment is not a good idea. Facebook is partnering with a nonprofit to develop personalized learning systems, an Australian study just showed that students who play video games do better in school, and a Tampa-based tech company just built an app to keep kids from wandering off at end-of-day school pickups. Texas Instruments is investing $5.4 million in public STEM education programs, which could help make sure more of the technology in classrooms actually gets used for learning.

But that’s not all.

Americans like their own schools just fine but have major concerns about the direction of the public education system as a whole. Hillary Clinton snapped up Bernie Sanders’ free college plan. Donald Trump wants colleges to have “real skin in the game,” and Jill Stein says we should not be “subjecting kids’ brains” to WiFi in schools. Vermont’s towns are voting to consolidate their school districts, and both Vermont gubernatorial candidates want transgender students to be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice.

See something interesting there?

Come build an app with us. Get skillful and clever about the way we enlighten ourselves and each other. Modify the process, the system, the minds of our youth. There’s work to be done here.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela

WHat the hackers have to say

  • I liked hanging out with other geeks and getting a chance to do some totally creative work for a good cause.
  • I liked the availability of food and the people hosting were extremely nice and helpful as well as providing plenty of cool things for a low cost of registration.
  • "It’s a great experience and a lot of fun to challenge yourself to code for 24hrs straight.
  • Great to see a strong cross section of the programming community.
  • Loved the food, the swag, the organization and volunteers! Very well-organized and so impressive!
  • The food was incredible! More raffle prizes would be great, but not required. An increase in the data available (types, amount, format, etc.) would be great as well.