Pre-hackathon events

Learn from local experts how to work with geospacial data.

9/16 - VT Code Camp

1:45-2:45pm @ Champlain College

"Working with Geospatial Data: A Primer" with Kendall Fortney

As our world becomes increasingly information rich, geospatial data is playing an increasingly important role. Understanding Geographical Information Systems (GIS), where open data can be found and how to work with it can help in tackling complex problems in a new way.

We will also be announcing the data source and data sets to be used in this year's HackVT. Be sure to attend to learn more!

Topics covered will include:

  • HackVT Datasets
  • Types of Geospatial Files
  • Metadata and Datums
  • Open Dataset Sources
  • Programs and Tools
  • Python, R and GIS


9/18 - Vermont JavaScript Group

7:30-9pm @ Main Street Performing Arts Center

"Getting started making map applications with Geographical Data" with Becky Grenier

Are you venturing into the murky world of Geographical Data for the first time? Do you have a great idea but don’t know how to get started? Are you a little scared? That’s okay, this is a safe place where you will learn the basics of Geographical data, how it is stored, manipulated, and used to make web applications using qGIS and the JavaScript library leaflet.  


9/30 - Code for BTV Plan-a-thon

9:30am - 4:30pm @ Big Heavy World

Code for BTV Plan-a-thon

In a normal year we would be holding a hack-a-thon for the National Day of Civic Hacking. However, at this point in time what we really need is more planning for projects than actual hacking. So come join us in laying out the groundwork for some projects to make our community a bit more awesome.


10/4 - Burlington JS Meetup

6pm  @ Main Street Performing Arts Center

"Mapping the HackVT Data Sets" with John Need and Alan Hammersmith

Whether you're preparing for the 2017 HackVT or just interested in adding awesome Vermonty maps in your web app, join us for a gentle introduction on adding maple-scented Geo-spatial data to your JS. We'll be reviewing the basics, passing out pointers, and answering the hard questions about the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.


10/4 - Burlington Data Scientist Meetup

7:30-9pm @ Main Street Landing Art Gallery

"Applications of Geospacial data science" with Kendall Fortney

There is Power in Place! In reality all data is all geospatial. While location information is often overlooked, each measurement happens at a particular location and may be designated by an address, a town, a state, a country or many other ways. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) greatly expand our ability as data scientists to unlock location data to enhance our exploration of many types of questions. 

Join us for an introduction to GIS and the offerings of theVermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) with Kendall Fortney and Steve Sharp, GIS Operations Manager at VCGI. 

To get a feeling of some of the work out there take a look at the geospatial storytelling of the Restoration of Cuba, or depiction of the growth over time of Portland, OR by showing the age of its buildings.  Or understanding where Locals and Tourists are located through geospatial mapping of Twitter.

Kendall and Steve will cover the basics the history of GIS, data structures, programs and tools and potential application to data driven questions.