• Execution of Theme - Does the app’s content or intended audience pertain to Vermont in some special way? How well does the app express the theme of “Hidden Vermont”?

  • Innovation - Is the solution a different take on an existing application or is it truly unique? Does the app mash up data or services that you wouldn’t have thought would work together? Is the solution more technically challenging than the others?

  • Ambition - Does the app do one thing or does it have a lot of functionality? Was the idea behind the app creative? What was added to the app to make it special or more useful?

  • User Experience - Does the app's UI look sloppy or is it professional? Is it a compelling user experience? Is the app easy to use? Does the app's workflow make sense? Is it intuitive?

  • Presentation Quality/Impact - Did the team present a functioning solution? Did the team stay within the time limit of their presentation? Was the team able to communicate their idea and translate it to the app they produced?

  • Overall Quality - Does the app work completely from start to finish? Was there anything in the app that wasn't fully implemented (e.g. a link to nowhere or a button with no action)? How many bugs were encountered? Were they severe? Did the team scope their app's features well given the time frame?

  • Other - Demerits for "brought" code.