Hack · verb · / hak /
To modify in a skillful or clever way

2017 theme will be announced soon!

WHat the hackers have to say

  • I liked hanging out with other geeks and getting a chance to do some totally creative work for a good cause.
  • I liked the availability of food and the people hosting were extremely nice and helpful as well as providing plenty of cool things for a low cost of registration.
  • "It’s a great experience and a lot of fun to challenge yourself to code for 24hrs straight.
  • Great to see a strong cross section of the programming community.
  • Loved the food, the swag, the organization and volunteers! Very well-organized and so impressive!
  • The food was incredible! More raffle prizes would be great, but not required. An increase in the data available (types, amount, format, etc.) would be great as well.